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Fair Share Information - 2022-2023

Fair Share 2022-2023 is $225

Question: What is Fair Share?

Answer: Fair Share is an amount of money that we ask each student to pay to help offset operational costs for Marching Band. Everything we do costs money beyond a classroom budget…custom drill for the field, custom music, show t-shirts, uniforms, uniform accessories, props for the show, instrument repair and maintenance, and transportation to and from our many events…just to name a few! We spend thousands of dollars on these necessities to provide a quality experience and ensure success for our students.

Question: What else might my student have to pay for?

Answer: Only their shoes to march in, which cost $37.00, and any individual items for their instrument (mallets/drumsticks for percussionists, valve oil/slide grease for brass, reeds for woodwinds). Fair Share provides everything else that they will need for a season, including all apparel, music, and transportation.

Question: Do I have to pay all at once?

Answer: No! There is an installment plan outlined in this year’s Marching Band contract with online payment options as well.

Question: Will I be asked for additional money during the season?

Answer: No! We always work to fundraise as a group, but you will not be asked to pay any more money directly during the season.

Question: My student wants to march, but we have a financial need. Can they still participate?

Answer: Yes…contact Mr. Crotts. He will work with you individually to ensure that your student can march and that they have everything they need to be a successful member of the 2022-2023 Marching Band. There are ways to work around financial needs!

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